About Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions Carpet Care provides cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial needs. Whether it’s your carpets, rug or furniture that needs attention, we’ll ensure its cleaned professionally by our high trained and knowledgeable technicians.
Because every job we do is fully customized, you get the cleanest, healthiest, most beautiful results possible.

Custom Solutions Carpet Care was founded  as a company to offer a custom-fit solution for each homes needs.
Others in the industry only offer one way of carpet cleaning.  This might be anything from steam/extraction, low moisture, encapsulation all the way to dry cleaning.

What sets Custom Solutions apart from the competition is that they  determine what will work best for each area of your home. For example, the living room could need a different treatment then the dining room. We might use a very low moisture method in the living room and an aggressive extraction cleaning followed by a dry method to achieve the highest results possible. What it all amounts to is each and every customer gets a fully customized solution resulting in the very best clean for your homes needs.

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